Monday, September 19, 2011

Early bird...gets to see birds and much more~

Scusset Beach
Path to Scusset Beach
What time period am I in?
Great Blue Heron/Neck Elongated

Great Blue/No neck

Up early to catch the sunsight (or the Earth Bucky Fuller said, "The sun never sets or goes down. The sun eclipses and the correct term would be that we sunsight in the morning and sunclipse in the evening.").

Scusset Beach...a treat any time of the day, but really nice when few people are around. 

Coming back to Plymouth, we saw turkeys - parents and 3 chicks crossing the road, oxen in a field, and great blue herons in The Ellisville Marsh (in Ellisville Harbor State Park.) Thanks to The Friends of Ellisville for their efforts to restore the marsh!

Can't really beat seeing two great blue herons passing not 30 feet above us as a way to start the day!

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