Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oyster Fest was a great event!

Wellfleet is straight across the bay from Plymouth, MA and about an hour and a half drive by car. OK, so it's not just around the corner, but this event is soooooo worth driving to! So, put Wellfleet OysterFest on your calendar for October 2012!

Of course, there are oysters and all manner of seafood (and great corn!) Freshfreshfresh!!!

 All kinds of art, craft and music scattered over the festival area, lots of people watching opportunities. We ran into Ron Wilson, wonderful photographer. One can see his work at his gallery, Wilson & Heywood, in Plymouth. 
Ron Wilson
Lamp Maker

Crafting a wooden duck
Preservation Hall/Wellfleet
Doors - Preservation Hall

Demonstrations, educational opportunities and all manner of fun is built into the weekend. Plenty of dancing while a variety of bands played - we were there for The Rip it Ups. One could be amused for quite awhile.

And we continued up the coast to PTown to catch rough winds blowing the ocean around. Perfect Fall day, all around.

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